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VDOT Materials Certification Schools

The Community College Workforce Alliance and VDOT are excited to announce a collaboration for certification training.  Classes will be provided through CCWA.  Instruction will comply with VDOT procedures and specifications.  Accreditations will also be provided by VDOT. 

Central Mix Aggregate Plant                                                              Class Fee:  $300

This self-paced / self-study class is equivalent to the instructor-led program and is intended to be a self-directed independent study program.  The Central Mix class will incorporate testing of aggregates, job mixes, specifications, production sampling and stockpiling, automated data processing forms, pay quantities, titration, quality assurance and modified acceptance programs.

Concrete Plant                                                                                       Class Fee:  $250

This self-paced / self-study class is equivalent to the instructor-led program and will encompass components of concrete, ACI Concrete Mix Design, moisture content and batch weight calculations, requirements for inspection of plant and equipment, responsibilities of producer’s Quality Control Technician and VDOT Monitor, automated data processing.

Concrete Field                                                                                       Class Fee:  $250

This self-paced / self-study class is equivalent to the instructor-led program and will encompass components of concrete, field inspection and repair of hydraulic cement concrete structures, responsibilities of contractor’s technician and VDOT inspections, automated data processing and specifications. Students must obtain an ACI field Level I Certification to be certified.

For more information on ACI, go to the VRMCA web site at

Pavement Marking                                                                              Class Fee:  $250

This self-paced / self-study class is equivalent to the instructor-led program and involves classroom instruction regarding layout and pre-marking materials, application, quality control testing, visual inspection and troubleshooting of pavement markings and markers.  Students must pass a proficiency examination to be certified.

Soils and Aggregate Compaction                                                    Class Fee:  $350

This self-paced / self-study class is equivalent to the instructor-led program and will encompass nuclear density testing, one-point proctor and “Speedy” moisture, construction and testing of embankments and subgrade, pipe installation, roller patterns and reports.

SiteManager for Inspectors                                                            Class Fee:  $450

This 2-day program is designed for the highway construction inspector,  and will give an overview of the Sitemanager software program as it pertains to road construction.  The software is a common tool for managing statewide construction inspection, contract administration and contract payment activities for VDOT.  It utilizes the latest technology to provide engineers, technicians, and construction administrators with the tools to help them effectively and efficiently manage VDOT’s construction program.

Plan Reading for Inspectors                                                          Class Fee:  $600

This 3-day course provides an overview of plan reading as it pertains to road construction, and is designed for the highway construction inspector. The course will cover how to utilize VDOT standards and specifications, identify plans and included sheets, terms and symbols, use of a scale to determine distance and lengths on a set of plans, apply basic math concepts and compute earthwork quantities from cross-section sheets.

Documentation & Record Keeping for Inspectors                 Class Fee:  $600

This 3-day course is designed for the highway construction inspector.  The instructor will cover topics such as understanding the importance of contract documents; bid proposals and contracts, plans, specifications, standards, an overview of good documentation practices, using math to document construction activities, and completion of inspection forms.

Surveying for Inspectors                                                                 Class Fee:  $625

This 2-day course is designed for highway construction inspectors.  The instructor will cover road construction surveying topics such as determination of elevation, benchmarks, sources of information, use of field notebook, proper use and accuracy of the equipment and how to read the rod.

Roadway & Drainage for Inspectors                                           Class Fee:  $800

This 4-day course is designed for highway construction inspectors.  The instructor will cover the road construction project development process; funding and bidding, resources available, use of plans, specifications, standards and contract, and the basics of inspection for roadway construction and drainage.

Structures & Bridges for Inspectors                                           Class Fee:  $1125

This 5-day course is designed for highway construction inspectors. The objective of the Structures & Bridges course is to cover the general and critical inspection points that an Inspector needs to know to ensure that a contractor is meeting VDOT standards and specifications requirements when building or restoring Virginia’s Structures and Bridges.

Classroom Courses will resume January 2018.  Registration for Self-Study is available for the classes below:

Central Mix Aggregate Plant School
Concrete Field School
Concrete Plant School
Pavement Marking School
Soils & Aggregate Compaction School

Registration Process

Tuition must be paid at the time of online registration by VISA or MasterCard.  

Online Registration

Enrollment and payment for all personnel in the Materials Certification Schools must be done online.

Click on a date next to a location to register.

Registration Assistance

Call 804-523-2292 or email us at for assistance.


Participants may withdraw and receive a full refund provided a written request is received at least five business days before the class is scheduled to begin.  No refunds are provided after this time.  Withdrawals may be completed by notifying CCWA in writing by email to  Refund checks are distributed by the Virginia Department of the Treasury and may take up to six weeks for processing.

Canceled Classes

Each course is offered on the condition of adequate enrollment; CCWA reserves the right to cancel or discontinue any course because of low enrollment or for other reasons deemed sufficient.  Necessary changes in this schedule may be dictated by enrollment, personnel requirements, or availability of facilities.

Continuing Education Options

All classes in this schedule offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Continuing Professional Education (CPE).  The number of CEUs awarded depends upon successful course completion and varies according to course length.  For each hour of actual instruction 0.1 CEU is awarded.  For CPEs, students simply need to request them from CCWA before class.

Mailing Lists

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Miscellaneous Notes

  • Full attendance is required.
  • Study materials are supplied on the first day of the course.
  • A valid Photo ID must be presented to take all examinations.
  • Students must successfully complete a written and any required hands-on proficiency examinations to be certified.
  • All students must have an account on VDOT University to access grades and certification credentials.
  • Guidelines for the Materials Certification Schools Program are found in Section 115 of the Materials Division’s Manual of Instructions. Current revisions to this section may be found at:
  • Class attendance for general knowledge is permitted, but preference will be given to those needing certification to perform their job duties
  • Certifications are intended for personnel performing materials acceptance sampling/testing or those required by VDOT specification to be certified. 

All classes start at 8:30 AM and end at 4:30 PM.  Schedule updates and weather cancellations available at:  http://CCWATRAINING.ORG/VDOT

If you are currently participating in VDOT’s Materials Certification Schools, you can access the course schedules, enroll online, and access your Materials Certification Card all via the VDOT University Virtual Campus: