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A Creative Twist – Workforce Wednesday

A Creative Twist – Workforce Wednesday

A Creative Twist – Workforce Wednesday Webinar: Graphic Design Made Simple and Free

Are you tasked with design projects? 
Are you a one-person marketing department?  
Do you have a need to combine images, graphics and text in aesthetically pleasing ways?

Well there are resources out there to make your life a whole lot easier, and they are FREE.  Canva is a simple tool you can use on your computer or mobile device, which allows you create professional quality graphics on your own without the need for a graphic designer.

“One of the best uses for free tools like Canva is for social media.  I see a lot of people who work for themselves, like real estate agents, for example, using Canva to create engaging social media posts to solicit for new clients, and to sell houses for existing clients in really appealing and effective ways,” notes Dr. Nick Langlie, IT Director for CCWA.

Design features of Canva add a dimension beyond other “user friendly” products. Tools such as photo filters, icon shapes and fonts take projects to the next level. And the platform also added animation to the mix recently.

Whether you are creating the next viral Instagram post, or looking to create a fantastic print flyer or brochure, Canva might be the tool for you!  Join the other 10 million users worldwide and learn more (June 21) in a FREE webinar “Graphic Design Made Simple and Free.”  You will learn how to use Canva, to easily create beautiful graphics for print and the web.  Click here to sign up now.

Learn more about the amazing things Canva can do for you:


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