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Are there gaps in your workforce plan?

Are there gaps in your workforce plan?

Proactive talent management helps organizations close the skills gap and execute on business strategy. A survey by the Association for Talent Development found that “lower productivity and lower efficiency top the list of business impacts of the skills gap, followed by missed opportunities for the organization.” It is important to note, too, that it’s not just the technical skills that are needed. Many employers cite soft skills such as critical thinking, effective communication, and creative problem solving as critical to growing their businesses.

What can leaders do to avoid this talent crisis? One of the top strategies is to provide employee training and development. The ROI on learning opportunities can be significant, especially when you consider more than the specific learning event.

CCWA works with you to ensure the training addresses any skills gaps, and also to understand how your employees are approaching this learning in terms of their motivation and ability to benefit from the training. In this way, training and development lead to a more engaged and satisfied workforce.


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