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Assessment for Yourself

Technical Skills
  • Microsoft Office Specialist
  • Rich media communications with adobe flash
  • Visual communications with adobe photoshop
  • Web communications with adobe dreamweaver
  • Career Readiness Certificate (CRC)
Behavioral Assessments
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Thomas Kilmann Instrument
  • DiSC Profiles

More and more businesses have concluded that assessment of candidates is critical in order to make smart hiring decisions. During the typical job interview a candidate will do a fairly good job at presenting his or her natural strengths. The determining factor that they don’t see demonstrated can be the factor that leaves the candidate on the “still looking” list. What can you do about it? Get an objective assessment. Find out which skills and attributes you easily demonstrate and identify those you need to make a conscious effort to reveal to employers.

Knowing yourself better allows you to practice those behaviors that will make you more successful in the interview and in the job! Be the person in the office that is a team player and gets along with others and demonstrates skills in many areas! Learn how to sell yourself without compromising who you are. Personality assessments allow you to influence others through knowing yourself.

CCWA administers the nationally-recognized WorkKeys® job profiling and assessment system. This business-driven system ensures that assessments and training are 100% applicable to your positions. This is not an academic grading system. It is not a normative measuring system. It is a workplace competency system that provides a return-on-investment for companies and career enhancement for individuals.

CCWA also assesses for and offers the Virginia Career Readiness Certificate. This WorkKeys®-based credential has become a nationally-recognized best practice with over 30 states replicating this model and is endorsed by the Governor of Virginia. The credential certifies an individual’s skills in three core workplace competencies required in virtually every job situation:

  • Workplace Documents
  • Graphic Literacy
  • Applied Math

Candidates can earn a Bronze, Silver or Gold level certificate. Each certificate details the specific competencies certified so employers can readily understand what the candidate is capable of doing in the workplace.

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