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Assessment for Your Staff

Technical Skills

  • Microsoft Office Specialist
  • Rich media communications with adobe flash
  • Visual communications with adobe photoshop
  • Web communications with adobe dreamweaver
  • Career Readiness Certificate (CRC)

Behavioral Assessments

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Thomas Kilmann Instrument
  • DiSC Profiles

For your current staff, assessment can be the key to putting employees into a position in which they can be successful based on their current skill and competencies. Assessment can also provide your very best employees with an achievable career pathway for them to grow into an even more valuable employee. Taking a great employee and promoting them into a position where new skill sets are required without assessing their skills relative to that new position can be a very bad move for the company and the employee.

Assess Your Employees And Give Them A Path To Move Up And Contribute More.

Assessing candidates at the early stages of the hiring process ensures that you save interviewing time and effort and identifies strong candidates beforehand.

What Benefits Will Your Company Derive From Skills Assessments?

  • You convey to your current employees that skills and competencies are valued.
  • You convey to your employees and recruits that the company makes objective, skill-based personnel decisions.
  • You tell your employees what they can do in order to make them themselves more valuable and eligible for promotion.
  • You have a valid and reliable, EEO compliant high-stakes personnel decision system supporting your decisions.

CCWA administers the nationally-recognized WorkKeys® job profiling and assessment system. This business-driven system ensures that assessments and training are 100% applicable to your positions. This is not an academic grading system. It is not a normative measuring system. It is a workplace competency system that provides a return-on-investment for companies and career enhancement for individuals.

CCWA also assesses for and offers Virginia Career Readiness Certificate. This WorkKeys®-based credential has become a nationally-recognized best practice with over 30 states replicating this model and is endorsed by the Governor of Virginia. The credential certifies an individual’s skills in three core workplace competencies required in virtually every job situation:

  • Reading for Information
  • Locating Information
  • Applied Mathematics

Candidates can earn a Bronze, Silver or Gold level certificate. Each certificate details the specific competencies certified so employers can readily understand what the candidate is capable of doing in the workplace.

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