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Business Process Improvement:  Relevant in Today’s Do More with Less  Work Environment

Business Process Improvement: Relevant in Today’s Do More with Less Work Environment

Frederick Taylor’s The Principles of Scientific Management, published in 1911, brought the idea of industrial efficiency to the forefront of many manufacturing companies. Today, companies across every industry are looking for ways to make work processes more efficient. While we cannot make the math behind the idea of doing more with less work, CCWA can help you identify areas for process improvement and give you the tools to implement change.

CCWA uses a whole-system approach that recognizes that changes made in one area of your business have an impact across the organization. Our interactive work sessions take employees from all areas of your company and guide them in exploring the concept and practical application of process improvement.

Working across the organization helps create early buy-in to the resulting recommendations. Author Stacey Alcorn writes:

“When people are engaged in the decision-making process, they are more likely to embrace whatever organizational endeavors the leader is working on. Even if you have some staffers who don’t agree with the final decision, they appreciate having been asked their opinion, which means they’re more likely to embrace the initiative…”

Process Improvement sessions facilitated by CCWA help participants:

  • Develop an understanding of a continuous improvement mindset
  • Learn basic Lean and Six Sigma concepts
  • Explore examples of how linking business drivers to measurements and processes can improve organizational outcomes
  • Learn how waste impacts a business
  • Recognize the value of standardized work

Process improvement involves change, and CCWA recognizes that change makes people uncomfortable. Our facilitators make sure you have the support and resources to embrace change and to inspire your team to respond positively to it. Ultimately, we want to be sure process improvement fits not just your business goals but also your organization’s culture.

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