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Career Coaching

Career Coaching helps adults create a solid career plan, assess their strengths and weaknesses and navigate their path to finding employment or changing careers. A part of that path includes determining the right training or education needed, along with connecting to opportunities for real world experience.

CCWA works in partnership with local workforce agencies, businesses and higher education. We help you add professional polish, create a strategy and apply business savvy to improve your chances of finding the right fit for your short-term needs and long-term career goals. With the current job market, we could all use a little coaching to put our best and most marketable foot forward.

Adult Career Coach Services:
  • Developing a comprehensive and achievable career plan/strategy
  • Assessing your transferrable skills, work history, career interests and local employment trends
  • Connecting you to available and suitable resources for achieving your short-term and long-term goals

Make An Appointment With An Adult Career Coach:

Adult Career Coach
Phone: (804) 523-2292

Currently receiving Unemployment Insurance, Trade Act Benefits or assistance through your local workforce agency? Let us know. We work in partnership to ensure you receive the most comprehensive services. For more information on Unemployment Insurance, Trade Act Benefits or your local One Stop Workforce Center, Virginia Workforce Connection.