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CCWA TEDxRVA Viewing Party

CCWA TEDxRVA Viewing Party

CCWA and Reynolds Community College are pleased to host a TEDxRVA viewing party on Friday, June 23 at the Workforce Development & Conference Center (1651 East Parham Road, Henrico). Guests can attend at any time during the event (9am – 5:30pm). Food and beverages will not be served at this event but feel free to bring your own.

This year’s event theme, Change, will feature an exciting line-up of speakers and performers. TEDxRVA, in its 5th consecutive year, will be held LIVE at the Carpenter Theatre at Dominion Arts Center, if you prefer that option (tickets available here).

To join us for the complimentary viewing party, please give us a little information: Email your name, and estimated arrival and departure times, to

We look forward to seeing you for our TEDxRVA viewing party!

A Creative Twist – Workforce Wednesday

A Creative Twist – Workforce Wednesday

A Creative Twist – Workforce Wednesday Webinar: Graphic Design Made Simple and Free

Are you tasked with design projects? 
Are you a one-person marketing department?  
Do you have a need to combine images, graphics and text in aesthetically pleasing ways?

Well there are resources out there to make your life a whole lot easier, and they are FREE.  Canva is a simple tool you can use on your computer or mobile device, which allows you create professional quality graphics on your own without the need for a graphic designer.

“One of the best uses for free tools like Canva is for social media.  I see a lot of people who work for themselves, like real estate agents, for example, using Canva to create engaging social media posts to solicit for new clients, and to sell houses for existing clients in really appealing and effective ways,” notes Dr. Nick Langlie, IT Director for CCWA.

Design features of Canva add a dimension beyond other “user friendly” products. Tools such as photo filters, icon shapes and fonts take projects to the next level. And the platform also added animation to the mix recently.

Whether you are creating the next viral Instagram post, or looking to create a fantastic print flyer or brochure, Canva might be the tool for you!  Join the other 10 million users worldwide and learn more (June 21) in a FREE webinar “Graphic Design Made Simple and Free.”  You will learn how to use Canva, to easily create beautiful graphics for print and the web.  Click here to sign up now.

Learn more about the amazing things Canva can do for you:

Training for Administrative Professionals

Training for Administrative Professionals

CCWA is committed to the development of administrative professionals. Having coordinated workshops and events for more than 30 years, CCWA remains at the forefront of providing effective training programs for those who serve in these integral roles throughout the Greater Richmond region.

The work of administrative professionals leads to a winning bottom line for organizations across the region. You’re in a league of your own — scoring with daily communications, technology expertise, project management skills and much more! Join us for an exciting day to celebrate your teamwork and dedication.

Upcoming Classes of Interest:

Contact us for more information at or by phone at 804-523-2292.

Are you engaging your employees?

Are you engaging your employees?

Investing in talent development for your employees benefits your bottom line.
You’ve probably heard this paradox:
What if we train them, and they leave?
What if we don’t, and they stay?

Where does your organization stand on these questions?

The 2017 Gallup State of the American Workplace report asserts that “the key to an organization’s growth has been and always will be its workforce.” Employee retention and engagement are more than buzz words; they are critical components of the overall performance of an organization.

According to Gallup, “The desire to learn and grow is a natural human need and one that is required to keep employees motivated and progressing. When employees feel they are learning and growing, they work harder and more efficiently. And the best employees are never quite satisfied with their work. They always strive to find better, more productive ways to work. In this kind of work environment, innovation emerges. When people grow, companies evolve and grow and are more likely to stay in business.”

Renee Gendron, in a blog for the Association of Talent Development, writes that employers can be proactive and intentional about the professional growth of their employees. According to Gendron, “When employers develop their own talent, not only are they saving money because they have lower turnover rates, but they are also developing their own internal leadership skills.” Building leaders from within helps to create stronger teams in an improved culture of development.

Likewise, a recent Robert Half blog entry discusses some reasons why investing in employee growth is a smart idea. They suggest that professional development will:

  • Increase collective knowledge of your team
  • Boost job satisfaction
  • Attract the right kind of job candidates during recruitment
  • Enhance the organization’s appeal to prospective and incumbent employees
  • Identify future leaders from within the organization
  • Increase retention

“Unfortunately,… many organizations spend more on recruiting new talent than developing the top talent they already have; that has to change in order for companies to be successful in a tight talent market.”

— Joyce Maroney
Kronos Incorporated & Director of the Workforce Institute

CCWA partners with hundreds of employers each year to offer a wide range of professional development services to engage your team. Our custom-designed programs may begin with an assessment, followed by the creation of tools to fill performance gaps; then, we can provide training and coaching solutions that allow your employees to reach their full potential. If you’re interested in learning more about CCWA’s client services, please contact:

Joyce Lapsley
Client Solutions Manager
Community College Workforce Alliance
Phone: 804-706-5180

Chart Your Course: Summer Schedule

Chart Your Course: Summer Schedule

Steer in a new direction this summer – build new skills for your professional portfolio.  CCWA’s summer catalog is full of short-term classes or certification programs, offered at our three convenient locations and online.  Get anchored with development programs that support your growth or employee productivity at your organization.

Take a look at our new catalog or visit us at for more information.

Download a PDF of the catalog: CCWA Summer 2017 Schedule.

CCWA Spring 2017 Schedule

CCWA Spring 2017 Schedule

Brighten your prospects in 2017 with courses, certifications and online training at CCWA. Preparing for a career change or an upcoming project? The new catalog is full of courses to upgrade or learn new skills. A new season of development offers everything from technology to trades as well as focus on occupational training such as teacher licensure, truck driving, health care and manufacturing. Take flight in the new year at CCWA.

Take a look at our new catalog or visit us at for more information on our upcoming courses.

Download a PDF of the catalog: CCWA Spring 2017 Schedule.