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CCWA and Henrico County: Creating a Competitive Workforce in the Area

CCWA and Henrico County: Creating a Competitive Workforce in the Area

Henrico County is ranking well above the national average in education and employment rates, and how organizations like CCWA are helping create career-ready individuals. In this article in Henrico Now, CCWA Vice President Mac McGinty explains what CCWA does for the Richmond area:

“We have two main audiences we focus on: employers and individuals. We help employers, for example, who have a certain workplace issue they need help solving. We customize programs and training sessions for them everything from soft skills like management and team-building sessions to more hands-on skills like welding or machine operation. We also offer webinars and open enrollment classes for individuals who want to increase their knowledge in a specific area.”

He also discusses Virginia’s Career Readiness Certificates, a method to measuring skill levels of employees that has helped area manufacturing employers see where skill gaps lie, and then fill those gaps with specific training:

The Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) offers assurance to employers that a candidate has skills in the desired areas and is ready to work, and Henrico County and Richmond residents are eagerly answering the call. Last year, CCWA awarded over 2,000 Career Readiness Certificates just in its service area.

CCWA uses a system called WorkKeys® to ensure the right assessments and training are available to employers in their search for qualified personnel. “WorkKeys is a specialty service we also offer employers,” says McGinty. “It is a nationally recognized, comprehensive assessment and job profiling system.”

“It is an important step toward evaluating and developing employees who are more career ready and successful in the workplace.”

Read the full article here.


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