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CCWA in the News: Richmond GATE Program Renewed in 2012

CCWA in the News: Richmond GATE Program Renewed in 2012

Screen-Shot-2012-09-17-at-11.33.29-AMWe are thrilled to announce that the hugely successful Richmond GATE Program recently received renewed funding, allowing continuation of the program starting again in Fall 2012.

The program begins again with expanded program eligibility and new course offerings.


The GATE program is free to eligible participants. It built for those who really need the services and have suffered from the recent economy. This includes individuals who have recently closed a business, faced lay-offs or having trouble meeting household financial needs.

GATE success stems from building a support system around participants and giving them the resources needed to move forward with their business idea. Some of these resources include free small business training, one-on-one consulting, networking opportunities and a road map to organizations and institutions that can assist with their business growth.

Looking forward to more great success stories, and continuing to revitalize our local economy and workforce through entrepreneurs!

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