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CCWA’s Career Coaching Program

CCWA’s Career Coaching Program

Angela DeVaun, CCWA’s Experiential Learning Coordinator, works with CCWA’s Career Coaches and assists the clients with whom they work to find job opportunities in Richmond through internships, externships, OJT/work experience, volunteering, or permanent employment.

What’s new with CCWA’s Career Coaching Department

It has been a whirlwind four months since our team came together to carry out the outcomes of our grant: to help people get the training and education they need for more meaningful and skilled careers. Along with the natural growing pains that accompany new programs, we have faced challenges, but our supportive environment and the administration and staff of both colleges have helped us define the best way to impact individuals and make a lasting difference in our region.

Often, we see individuals after they have been laid off sometimes for a bit longer than they thought they would be and our job includes building their confidence in themselves, as well as helping them hone their employability skills.

We’re with you every step of the way on your career path.

We spent the last few months developing workshops, going to meetings, traveling across the region, and meeting many individuals who request career coaching services. Whether they are impacted by trade, veterans returning to the job market, dislocated workers, or students, everyone we see wants a job or a better job. We walk with them step by step, pointing out options and possibilities along the way, helping them define their own career vision. It is a great feeling to watch someone walk out with renewed confidence and a plan to build a better future for themselves. It iss why we do what we do!

As our program continues to grow, I often think of a quote in my office that says “Your life is happening right now. Make it amazing! When you think about it, sometimes a career can be the missing link between a life that is just fine and a life that is amazing. Career coaches help individuals build that crucial career piece, and we are privileged to serve those who need us.

Ready to get started? Learn what CCWA’s Career Coaches can do for you.

We already know that employers look for workers who can hit the ground running, but how do you get the experience you need to attract those potential employers? Completing an internship or becoming an apprentice is an excellent way to build relevant skills within an industry and make you more attractive to potential employers. Adult Career Coaches at CCWA can help you achieve your career goals by connecting you with opportunities for practical work experience through our partnerships with local workforce agencies, businesses, and higher education institutions.

If you are ready to get your foot in the door, contact us at today!


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