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Virginia Career Readiness Certificate

The Virginia Career Readiness certificate provides employers and job candidates a conveniently- attained and widely-valued measurement tool for assessing workplace skills. This certificate verifies “real world” abilities and predicts job performance based on foundational skills. The assessment measures competencies in workplace skill core areas:

  • Applied Math measures the ability to apply mathematics principles to math-related problems encountered in the workplace.
  • Workplace Documents measures the ability to understand and apply written information presented in workplace documents.
  • Graphic Literacy measures the ability to find, analyze, and apply information presented in workplace graphics.

The CRC transcript will provide a detailed report of skills based on scores in the core areas: Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics and Locating Information. A Level 3 score is required to obtain a certificate.

  • Bronze – Level 3, signifies that a recipient has the skills for approximately 16% of the jobs in the WorkKeys® database
  • Silver – Level 4, signifies that a recipient has the skills for approximately 67% of the jobs in the WorkKeys® database
  • Gold – Level 5, signifies that a recipient has the skills for approximately 93% of the jobs in the WorkKeys® database.

How do I get a Career Readiness Certificate?

  • Visit the CCWA – Chester location for weekly Walk-In Wednesdays at 8:30 a.m. or contact us to schedule an appointment convenient to you.
  • Bring a valid photo ID.
  • Accepted forms of payment (cash, check, or credit card).
  • The total for the three required CRC assessments is $51.00.
  • Each assessment is 45 minutes (plan three hours for full test).

All required materials are provided. Employers may contact us to schedule testing for employees at your location or ours.

Maximizing your score:

For the best scores, CCWA offers an on-line training program that is perfect for improving your CRC results, as well as many other skill areas. KeyTrain® is free of charge to customers who sign up for the CRC assessments. We recommend using KeyTrain® as a preparation for the assessments or improving your original score. Use this system to strengthen any of the skill set areas. Ask us about it when you schedule your assessments.

Testing Sites:

  • CCWA – Chester
    (on the campus of John Tyler Community College)
    13101 Jefferson Davis Highway, Bird Hall Chester, VA 23831
  • CCWA – Workforce Development & Conference Center
    (on the campus of Reynolds Community College)
    1651 E. Parham Road, Suite 103 Richmond, VA 23228

CCWA Contact:

Toni Bennett
(804) 706-5181