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National Retail Certification in Customer Service & Sales

About the Certification

Gain the valuable skills needed to thrive in any customer service role! This 35-instruction hour course is designed to capture the core customer service duties for a broad range of entry-level through first-line supervisory positions across sales and service industries.

Why take this Certification?

This certification is industry driven helping employers recognize qualified customer service professionals, and define career advancement opportunities.

Customer Service

Industries that thrive on excellent customer service include any industry that provides a service, product, or interacts with people regularly.
Excellent customer service is important to the following:

  • Retail – Financial Services
  • Food and Beverage – Real Estate
  • Construction – Healthcare
  • Sales – Information Technology
  • Hospitality – Telecommunications
  • Aviation – Public Service

Workshops include

  • A Winning Attitude! – Critical Thinking Skills
  • Effective Communication – Managing Job Stress
  • Commitment to the Customer – Exceeding Customers Expectations
  • Problem-Solving Techniques – Test Preparation and Management
  • Confidence with Difficult Customers

Grants and Scholarships are available!

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Upcoming courses:

November 05-December 10, 2019: Classes held on Thursday each week from 9am-12pm (Reynolds Downtown Campus)

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