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Film Industry Training – May 2015

Film Industry Training – May 2015

In partnership with the Virginia Film Office and the Virginia Production Alliance, Film Industry Training (FIT) provides practical training for entry level Production Assistant positions. This valuable training will allow you to work confidently on the sets of commercials, television shows, net media projects, fashion shows, theatrical stage or movie sets. Participants will learn on-set etiquette and protocol from seasoned filmmakers.

Read more about this training in a press release from Virginia Governor Terry McAullife.

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This two-day film industry training program is designed to provide beginning and advanced practical training for individuals seeking to become a Production Assistant, an entry level position that is the first step in the door of the film industry. Students will gain valuable knowledge and insight into the entertainment industry in this program. Participants have the option of attending Day One, Day Two, or both days. However, those attending Day Two alone must either have taken the Production Assistant Training Seminar in the past, or be able to demonstrate on-set experience.

This program will provide the tools required to be a success from the very first day on a film set.

Upcoming Film Industry Training Classes:

Day One: Introduction to the Film Industry

Day one is designed to provide practical training for those with lots of desire but little experience. Participants will learn the proper etiquette and procedures required from seasoned filmmakers to enable them to walk confidently onto any commercial, television, new media, fashion show, theatre, or movie set. The training for Day One will include:

  • Understanding the motion picture industry
  • Who’s who on a film set
  • Script breakdown
  • Film set language, protocol, and etiquette
  • Production paperwork overview
  • Production Assistant duties and responsibilities
  • How to get a job

Day Two: Advanced Film Industry

The advanced and intensive Day Two is designed for students with previous on-set experience who want to learn valuable time-saving skills when scheduling small, low budget projects to major motion picture standards for Assistant Directors, Production Managers, Coordinators, Producers and Directors. The training for day two will include:

  • Advanced production script breakdown
  • Creating and scheduling production paperwork
  • Breaking down the script
  • Naming sets and locations
  • Creating Extras Breakdowns
  • Shortcuts and “rules of thumbs” that will translate to an accurate overview of what is required to shoot within the budget.
  • Creating, naming, and track shooting Schedules, DOOD’s, One Liners and Cast Lists.

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