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Greater Richmond GATE Recognizes 21 New Start-Ups at LAUNCH 2014

Greater Richmond GATE Recognizes 21 New Start-Ups at LAUNCH 2014


Rhonda Collins-Dunigan, Stitched by an Angel

Participants in Greater Richmond GATE recently earned a night of recognition and an opportunity to showcase their businesses at LAUNCH 2014. The event was a culmination of focus-driven attention on creating a business with a sustainable future. Over the course of the year, individuals in the program attended a host of business development classes to help them see their dream fulfilled.

There are many steps between planting the seed and harvesting the crop. As consumers, we are comfortably familiar with strolling aisles in our favorite store and making quick selections from the cornucopia. The channels behind the scenes are neatly tucked away, and possibly foreign – especially for those who have never had to sow a seed.

For former employees looking to venture into the world of “self-employed,” “owner,” and “entrepreneur” the unveiling of what-it-takes-to-start-a-business is much like seeing the full-scope of those channels, from grain to shelf placement. To ensure the transition is fluid and fruitful, GATE provides a plethora of classes, one-on-one consulting and mentoring.

Following months of training on essential topics – business planning, accounting, finance and credit, and sales and marketing, to name a few – program graduates welcomed the supportive buzz of LAUNCH 2014 at the Workforce Development and Conference Center. Kevin Kemp, of Brain Tight, Fantabulous Chef (Service, LLC.) Alonzo Langley, Jr., and Rhonda Collins-Dunigan, owner of Stitched by an Angel were among the class who proudly shared stories and information about the services and products they offer to invited guests.


Alonzo Langley, Jr., Fantabulous Chef Services

“I thought it was great. I was so excited and honored – to be recognized for the hard work and training,” said Collins-Dunigan of the first-time event.

Still beaming from the event, Collins-Dunigan talks about the “gift” of training and the importance of not missing a class to guide her toward “doing things the right way.”

The appreciation continues with the announcement that she was ready at LAUNCH 2014 with business cards that directed prospects to her newly developed website, resources provided by GATE.

Greater Richmond GATE is a partnership between Resource Workforce Investment Board, the Community College Workforce Alliance and the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) to support WIA-eligible individuals interested in self-employment.


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