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Increase Productivity by Maximizing Your Tech Efficiency

Increase Productivity by Maximizing Your Tech Efficiency

Every organization is looking for ways to increase productivity, and often the tendency is to throw more money into technology resources. But technology is only as good as the people using it! Training your employees to use the technology you already have can be much more efficient and cost-effective than buying new resources.

In 10 Steps to Increased Productivity Through Effective Training, Forrester Research’s Nigel Fenwick, former CIO of Reebok, explains how training can increase the ROI on your technology. He also discusses the best avenues to get that training, including using third-party professionals to provide “productivity classes in core enterprise applications…such as Outlook and Excel.”

CCWA offers training classes in the full suite of Microsoft Office applications, which can be taught either at your workplace or at one of our three convenient locations. Additionally, our training solutions can be tailored to the experience level of your staff. With the help of our instructors, your employees can harness the full power of the applications already in their hands.


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