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Keep your rising stars at the top of their game

Keep your rising stars at the top of their game

You have just promoted some of your best frontline employees to leadership positions. How likely are they to succeed in their new roles? What would you do if you knew that 80 percent of frontline leaders fail?

It’s a startling statistic, but more often than not, good employees are promoted into manager roles without receiving any leadership training. The second annual “American Workforce” study calls managers “America’s most neglected employee” when it comes to training and development.

One Forbes contributor writing about the “American Workforce” study noted that “inexperienced and untrained or poorly trained managers… [can lead] to chronically high levels of employee disengagement and suboptimal productivity.” And that situation isn’t lost on the people in those roles. A McKinsey survey found that 81 percent of frontline managers don’t feel they are doing a good job.

“It is important to remember that outstanding individual contributors aren’t always natural leaders, yet they are often promoted to a manager role because of their previous success.”
– Tracey Nawrocki, Root, Inc., American Workforce Study

CCWA designs and delivers leadership training programs that help develop incumbent and emerging frontline leaders. Curriculum is grounded in the core competencies needed to lead effectively as supervisors, enhance workforce productivity, and positively impact the bottom line. Our Frontline Leadership Development programs help new managers:

  • Develop an understanding of individual communication and supervisory skills
  • Gain confidence in coaching and providing feedback
  • Manage conflict and difficult situations
  • Identify ways to best use team talent and strengths
  • Practice techniques to influence and motivate others
  • Understand Human Resource compliance matters

If you would like to talk with us about developing a frontline leadership program for your team, please contact:

Mac McGinty
Vice President, Workforce Development
Community College Workforce Alliance
Phone: (804) 523-2280


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