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CLT and CLA Certifications

The CLA and CLT are now online!  Our online Certified Logistics Associate and Certified Logistics Technician Certification programs are online for your learning convenience. The programs include an online portal and PDF textbooks. Each chapter has pre and post quizzes to measure understanding, and the instructor will host virtual sessions with the class weekly to discuss the assigned topics and to answer student questions. Students will schedule a testing session with CCWA to sit for the exams at the conclusion of the course. Download the Flyer here (PDF).

In addition to the CLA and CLT, you might also be interested in the new Lean Practitioner Certification class (PDF).


Become industry certified in less than two months!

Certified Logistics Associate (CLA) Courses:
Contact us to learn more about the class starting 07/06/20

Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) Courses:
Contact us to learn more about the class starting 07/22/20

For more information, contact Dana Newcomer at (804.706.5182) or Kerry Donohue at (804-706-5194)

Skills Covered under Each Credential Area

Certified Logistics Associate (CLA)

  1. Global supply chain logistics life cycle
  2. Logistics environment
  3. Material handling equipment
  4. Safety principles
  5. Safe material handling & equipment operation
  6. Quality control principles
  7. Workplace communications
  8. Teamwork & workplace behavior
  9. Using computers

Certified Logistics Technician (CLT)

  1. Producing receiving
  2. Product storage
  3. Order processing
  4. Packaging & shipment
  5. Inventory control
  6. Safe handling of hazmat materials
  7. Evaluation of transportation modes
  8. Dispatch & tracking
  9. Measurements & metric conversions