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5th Annual RVA LogistXGames June 13, 2019

5th Annual RVA LogistXGames June 13, 2019

CCWA is excited to partner with Colliers and other industry partners to host the 5th Annual Logistx Games to be held Thursday, June 13, 2019 (Location – Richmond Distribution Center. 4000 Carolina Ave, Richmond, VA 23222). The competition allows local logistics teams to showcase their skills and expertise in the supply chain and distribution industries – packaging and moving goods from warehouse to consumer.

The logistics industry is very competitive in Central Virginia, and the employees are the backbone of each company. The LogistX Games honors those companies and employees, while building awareness for new talent to enter the industry.

–Wes Smith, Interim AVP, Workforce Development

Proceeds from this year’s event will be allocated to support logistics certification scholarships for students at the Community College Workforce Alliance.

Four events sparked fierce competition and tested the teamwork, talent, efficiency and speed of each competing company. The games mirror the logistics work environment, with an added twist: Pallet Puzzle Sprint, Pallet Jack Relay, Pick/Pack Hurdle and Box Put.

To register your team, contact Laura Bradshaw at For sponsorship information, contact Wood Thornton at

To join us in person, register here:


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