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Passport to Retirement: Your “how to” guide for financial success

Passport to Retirement: Your “how to” guide for financial success

Many people know that they need to improve their money management skills and start saving for retirement. But all too often, they fail to take the appropriate steps necessary to achieve their goals. By attending this course, you can acquire the knowledge and develop the skills you need to make more informed financial decisions.


  • CCWA – Workforce Development & Conference Center (Gallery – Room 100)
    1651 E. Parham Road, Henrico, VA 23228
    (on the campus Reynolds Community College)

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Insights and Tools That Make a Difference

Passport to Retirement

This recently updated course has been developed to help you learn more about planning for a comfortable retirement. It is designed to give you the tools necessary to make more informed decisions regarding your financial future.

The course includes the information you need to assess the costs associated with retirement, determine your sources of retirement income, improve your investment potential, reduce your financial risk, and help preserve your estate for your heirs. You’ll also find out how to fight the effects of inflation, avoid unnecessary taxes, and protect yourself from the potentially devastating costs associated with long-term-care expenses.

You’ll learn how to integrate important concepts to help you prepare for retirement. The decisions you make in these key areas will ultimately determine your financial success. Through examples, exercises, and case studies, you’ll discover how to take control of your finances and position yourself for a brighter financial future.

An Educational Learning Experience

The course curriculum illustrates how time-tested financial principles can be applied to a variety of financial situations. In addition to receiving the latest facts and figures on retirement planning, you’ll also benefit from visual aids and handouts that are clear, concise, and easy to understand. Your homework will reinforce class work and build a foundation for your personal financial program. The instruction is designed to show you a number of financial concepts that will expand your knowledge base.

Course Materials

You’ll receive a 145-page workbook that contains current information about financial concepts and tools. The workbook is designed to follow the presentation and serve as a reference tool in the years to come. It includes valuable exercises, worksheets, and key descriptions that will reinforce concepts learned during class.

Financial Education for Adults

We spend most of our adult lives making financial decisions, yet receive virtually no formal education — from elementary school through college — to prepare us for retirement and other financial challenges. Many people get an education to learn a career — and in turn to make money. This course will teach you what to do with that money.

Why Should You Attend?

  1. Steer Clear of Roadblocks
    • You’ll learn about common roadblocks to planning for a comfortable retirement — such as market downturns, taxes, inflation, lack of understanding of the financial markets, the burden of taxes, inadequate planning, and failure to take action — and how to help overcome them.
  2. Acquire Sound Information
    • Sound information about effective financial strategies will give you the background and perspective you need to make more informed retirement decisions. You’ll be more confident and decisive about what you want and the options you have.
  3. Focus on Your Goals
    • This course is designed to lead you step-by-step through the retirement planning process. You’ll learn how to formulate realistic goals based on your individual retirement needs, risk tolerance, and length of time to retirement.
  4. Take Action
    • Procrastination is the single biggest reason why people fall short of achieving retirement goals. After completing this course, you’ll be ready to start taking steps immediately to help improve your overall retirement picture.

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