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Programs for Healthcare and Film, Industry Certifications and More – New Fall 2014 Course Catalog

Programs for Healthcare and Film, Industry Certifications and More – New Fall 2014 Course Catalog

Searching for a productive way to transition from summer to fall? Take a look at the many unique programs in the new CCWA catalog, now online and on shelves at Martin’s Food Markets.

Whether you are considering the benefits of exploring a new career or searching for interesting topics to springboard your professional development, CCWA can help you achieve your goals with a multitude of offerings like the new two-day film program, Get Your Start in the Film Industry.

If celebrity sightings or the movies Lincoln and the upcoming Field of Lost Shoes have you wanting to pursue a career in television or film, this program is an excellent opportunity to learn about the industry and the required etiquette from seasoned film makers. You will receive the practical training necessary to be successful on a set as an entry-level Production Assistant.

Alternatively, you may be looking to document your experience and knowledge. We provide a variety of industry-recognized certification exams, which allow you to present your expertise in a creditable format. We also offer the Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) for professionals interested in certifying their workplace competencies.

As we continue to watch the positive growth of allied health, providers have an increasing need for healthcare professionals. CCWA offers classroom-based and online training in more than 40 programs such as Clinical Medical Assistant and Medical Coding & Billing Specialist.

Also on the subject of growth, did you know that by 2020, the Millennial generation will comprise 40% of the U.S. workforce? The shift is not just a cosmetic change. Organizations will benefit from inviting the conversation on how to recruit, lead, manage and retain the diverse demographic makeup. To ensure companies are ready to leverage multi-generational talents, CCWA has partnered with Generations Matter to provide Generational Dynamics in the Workplace.

For information on these offerings and more, pick up the new catalog or visit us online to find what is right for you.


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