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Rapid Response

Central Virginia Rapid Response program is your gateway to coordinated services for businesses and employees facing layoffs or business closures.

Simply put, Rapid Response is a federally-funded program that provides states with the resources to provide assistance to businesses and employees during times of layoffs or business closure. Rapid Response is your central contact for coordinating flexible and timely responses.

Your Central Virginia Rapid Response team provides a variety of customized solutions to assist during a layoff by providing information/services such as:

  • Management briefings to discuss employer needs and plan for services
  • Employee briefings to provide information on local workforce system services, One-Stop system services, unemployment insurance benefits, employment and training activities, and the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) programs
  • Onsite Workshops customized based on the surveyed needs of employees
  • Coordinated job fairs in partnership with local economic development and workforce center partners
  • Onsite transition centers staffed by Rapid Response team members to help facilitate services for mass layoffs or business closures
  • Higher Education, Adult Education, skill upgrading, GED preparation, Career Readiness Certificate and testing information
  • Health Services information
  • Other services or programs needed to meet the needs of the employer and employees

Effective 9/25/17, the Central Virginia Rapid Response program has transitioned to the Virginia Employment Commission and is no longer accessible via the Community College Workforce Alliance (CCWA).

Please direct any and all future inquiries to:

Mark Brickey
Rapid Response Coordinator
Virginia Employment Commission
121 Cedar Fork Rd.
Richmond, VA  23223
(804) 652-3237 office
(804) 222-7489 fax