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Adapting to Unprecedented Shifts in Employment, CCWA is Here to Help 

Adapting to Unprecedented Shifts in Employment, CCWA is Here to Help 

Like it has throughout much of the country, the COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented shift in the job market here in central Virginia. As we all navigate changing working conditions, potential job losses, and upheaval in our personal and professional lives, our team at CCWA knows many job seekers are reexamining their careers and skill sets.

A recent editorial in the Richmond Times-Dispatch highlights our efforts to support local workers looking to gain new skills and find new pathways to employment during these challenging times. In response to the pandemic, we moved quickly to shift our FastFoward programs to accommodate virtual learning and are taking significant safety precautions for the components that still require in-person instruction.

No matter the challenges, CCWA remains committed to our core mission: helping Virginians find good-paying jobs. Check out our offerings today.

“We needed to look at all our classes, but particularly those FastForward [offerings]…because those really are a vehicle for getting people into the workforce very quickly,” 

-Elizabeth Creamer, CCWA’s Vice President for Workforce Development and Credential Attainment

CCWA Success Leads to National Appointment

CCWA Success Leads to National Appointment

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International continuing education organization selects McGinty for training council position

Richmond, VA – Based on the impact of its training programs in the Greater Richmond region, the Learning Resources Network (LERN) has selected Mac McGinty, Vice President of Workforce Development at the Community College Workforce Alliance (CCWA) to serve on the LERN Contract Training Council. LERN is an association of continuing education leaders that develop national best practices and deliver customized training programs with the goal to improve the effectiveness of the workforce and create a return on investment to employers who work with the nation’s community colleges.

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