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CCWA’s 2017 Summer Youth Camps

CCWA’s 2017 Summer Youth Camps

In its fifth summer at CCWA, nearly 100 students (ages 8-12)  learned from digital arts industry experts, Black Rocket during eight camp courses including Minecraft Modders, Code Breakers, and much more.

One of this summer’s instructors Elise Neuscheler said, “the kids loved it and they leave with their eyes open to new possibilities.” She added, “they get to peek under the surface of games and programs that they use every day.” The Minecraft series remains the most popular and a new course Creative Design and Robotics was offered this summer.

Students were able to upload their work to a website to share with parents, receive comments and access their progress. Returning students were able to create more advanced projects and build onto previous projects.

Please check back in the spring of 2018 for a list of next summer’s camp offerings.