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Techno Entrepreneur – Workforce Wednesday (7/19)

Techno Entrepreneur – Workforce Wednesday (7/19)

Do you know what machine learning and artificial intelligence can’t do yet?  Replace the human capacity to develop and test great ideas!

Entrepreneurship is not just a difficult word to spell (tip: remember to lead with the “e” for the vowels).  It’s at the heart of what makes or breaks a new or existing business, especially for technology startups.

I’ve taught a number of entrepreneurship classes throughout Virginia, helping small and medium sized businesses launch or expand, and there were two things that had a significant impact on whether success was imminent.

The first is a testable idea.  You might have a great idea that people are not willing to pay for.  This is actually just a hobby, and if that is what you are looking to do, great!  But for those of us who want to do great things and make money, we need to be able to come up with ideas that resonate with people, which they are also willing to pay for.

The second is passion.  Incubators, venture capitalists, banks, etc., are looking to invest in people with the drive and passion to come up with an idea and carry that through execution.  All businesses have ups and downs, so the grit of the individual must be strong enough to empower and endure.  This is particularly true for those of you who work with technology.

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