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Times Dispatch Reports on Richmond Area Job Opportunities

Times Dispatch Reports on Richmond Area Job Opportunities


Image courtesy Richmond Times-Dispatch.

A new article published today in the Richmond Times-Dispatch “Spotting the hot jobs” outlines current trends in hiring in the Richmond area. The jobs are there, but area employers are looking for specific sets of skills.

The article states what we at CCWA know very well: that the jobs that are hardest to fill are the ones that require specific skill sets. These jobs require training, and that training is paying off now more than ever.

According to a Manpower Group survey, the top 10 hardest jobs to fill in 2012 nationally include those for skilled trade workers, engineers, IT staff, sales representatives, accounting and finance staff, drivers, mechanics, nurses, machinists and machine operators, and teachers.

“All of these occupations require very specific, measurable, certifiable skills, and that’s part of what makes them hard to find,” Carrier said.

Another point in the article suggests an investment in training for a career is a wise one: The jobs that often are the most secure also are jobs most people are unlikely to aspire to,” Trumble said.

Looking for a job? Thinking about switching careers? There is a lot of great information about the Richmond job market, and what you can do to be a competitive candidate.


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