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Training for Individuals

CCWA offers training for individuals through open enrollment courses. These short-term courses and certifications allow you to learn it today and use it tomorrow to enhance your job skills or prepare for the next employment opportunity.

Our clients like the condensed training options that allow you to spend a day with us learning a new skill, enroll in a self-paced online educational program, earn a certification in a matter of weeks in a high demand field or take advantage of our One-Hour Webinar Courses. CCWA is meeting the needs of businesses and individuals by providing convenient programs and skills training.  Browse our current catalog or use our online search to find available courses.

Online Classes

  • CCWA offers online education for individuals and business clients.  Many of the online programs include industry certifications.
    *When registering, please note our refund policies and system requirements for online courses.
  • Visit our online classes section for more information.
  • Webinars

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