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Truck Driving Training

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Truck Driving (CDL) – Class A Training

CCWA has launched a quality 20-day Class A training program working with an industry leader in CDL training.  This comprehensive program will provide the skills and opportunities needed to be successful in a truck driving career.  All classes are held from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and will meet in Chester.  For more information, email, or call (804) 706-5256.

Class Start Dates 2018

Weekday Training / Monday – Friday:

Sep 10 – Oct 19
Sep 24 – Nov 2
Oct 8 – Nov 16
Oct 22 – Nov 30
Nov 5 – Dec 14
Nov 19 – Jan 4
Dec 3 – Jan 18

 —– Weekend Training / Saturday & Sunday:

Oct 6 – Feb 10
Nov 10 – Mar 17

  • Do I have to go over the road?

    Many companies are focused on more time at home for their drivers. We have opportunities in Long Distance, Regional (drive during the week, home on the weekend), and home nightly.

  • Are there still opportunities in the trucking industry?

    Although opportunities in the industry have become more competitive, everyone knows that truck driving is among the last industries affected by a stressed economy.

  • How long will it take before I can go to work?

    Individual outcomes may vary however; most students are job ready in as little as 4 weeks.

  • Does it really matter where I go to school?

    Consensus has proven over many years that when you are looking at formal training for any trade, it not only matters what you have but where you got it.

  • How do I get all the answers to my questions?

    For more information, please contact CCWA: (804) 706-5256

For more information, please contact CCWA: (804) 706-5256