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Why GenerationsMatter™ – Gain Competitive Advantage in the Coming Decades

Why GenerationsMatter™ – Gain Competitive Advantage in the Coming Decades

Today’s workforce is made up of three generations — Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials — and much has been written about how these groups differ. Although “they’ve been called cocky, entitled, delusional, superficial, coddled, narcisstic…and don’t even mention tech-obsessed… some say the millennial generation is actually full of promise, and may have a thing or two to teach the rest of us.”

On the other end of the generational spectrum, “baby-boomers… are not slacking off as they age; they are seen as hard-working and productive.” Sandwiched in between, “Generation X may be the cohort with the most clout… they are the skill bearers and knowledge experts corporations will rely on to gain competitive advantage in the coming decades.”

How well do you know the characteristics of these generations and what changes you may need to make in your workplace as the Millennials grow to become 40% of the workforce by 2020?

“With a goal to improve communications and trust between the generations in our workplace, we sought a comprehensive, customizable approach. We found it in GenerationsMatter™! One participant even said the training was the best training they have ever experienced.” – Ken Robertson, VRS

CCWA has partnered with GenerationsMatter™ to provide training and consulting services related to generational dynamics in the workplace. From assessments to online training and in-person instruction, we can build a customized solution to address the challenges your business is facing in today’s multi-generational workforce.

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