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Workforce Virginia Podcast : Certifications

Workforce Virginia Podcast : Certifications

In order for businesses to thrive and for the quality of life to be enhanced for citizens, Virginia has elevated its focus on building qualified employees with credentials that match employer needs.

To hear more about credentials and certifications, we welcome you to the premier episode of Workforce Virginia, an all-new series of podcasts. Produced by CCWA, these conversations will connect human resource professionals, job seekers and working individuals to valuable training and development options that build the workforce.

In this episode, we hear from Mac McGinty, Vice President of Workforce Development at CCWA discussing the importance of workforce credentials and how it is impacting employers and job seekers.

Download this episode of “Workforce Virginia” directly (mp3)

Workforce Virginia will soon be available on iTunes and Stitcher.  Check back soon to avoid missing a single episode.

Also, read the recent VCCS Workforce Wednesday blog, “More Credentials Essential to Individual and Business Prospects in Virginia.”

For more information on certifications and credentials please visit our website.


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