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Workforce Virginia Podcast : Online Training

Workforce Virginia Podcast : Online Training

The growth of online learning has made training more accessible and impactful. In fact, many training platforms integrate discussion groups, polls, social media, blogs, virtual study rooms, and a host of other tools in the courses. But it is not for everyone. Prospective students must understand that online learning requires discipline, time management, self-motivation, effective writing, and technological proficiency.

To hear more about online learning with CCWA, we welcome you to Workforce Virginia, an all-new series of podcasts. Produced by CCWA, these conversations will connect human resource professionals, job seekers and working individuals to valuable training and development options that build the workforce.

In this episode, we hear from Jameo Pollock, Training Coordinator at CCWA, discussing the pros and cons of online learning and what it takes to be successful.

Download this episode of “Workforce Virginia” directly (mp3)

Workforce Virginia will soon be available on iTunes and Stitcher.  Check back soon to avoid missing a single episode.

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