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RVA Workforce Study

RVA Workforce Study

The Community College Workforce Alliance (CCWA) team as well as our colleges – Reynolds Community College and John Tyler Community College, are pleased that 218 business community leaders participated in a comprehensive workforce survey during the summer of 2015. The results were extremely robust and enlightening.

Conducted by the Southeastern Institute of Research with support from the Capital Region Collaborative, the Greater Richmond Chamber and the Society of Human Resource Managers – Richmond Chapter, the survey highlights several opportunities for the Greater Richmond region to address key workforce issues (as reported by employers).

Click here to access the report (compiled by SIR):

The results revealed that 76% of the respondents value the quality of course curriculum and the professionalism of instructors as the most important factors in selecting an open enrollment or customized-designed course provider. Other notable insights/areas for greater impact include: the availability of online training, interest in employee credentialing and certifications, the need for flexible scheduling of training and the importance of contracting with a local provider that is tied to an educational institution.

As CCWA strives to become a national model for workforce development, we will use this information to meet your business needs and expectations. For more information or to provide feedback, please contact us at (804) 523-2292 or by email at


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