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Your Most Engaged Employees Are Outnumbered

Your Most Engaged Employees Are Outnumbered

You may have heard the statistic that over half of the working U.S. population is not engaged at work. You probably know who those unengaged workers are in your company. Do you know what to do about them?

The percent of engaged employees rose from 2013 to 2014 (see chart below) to its highest level since 2000 when Gallup first began measuring employee engagement. However, 31.5 percent is less than one third of your employees who are passionate about their work and committed to your company’s mission and purpose.

Meanwhile, the 51 percent who are not engaged “take a wait-and-see attitude toward their job, their employer, and their coworkers,” and the actively disengaged worker “is not just unhappy at work; he acts out that unhappiness.” Gallup calculates actively disengaged workers cost the U.S. between $450 billion and $550 billion a year through lost time at work, quality defects, theft, and turnover.

What motivates employees? Money is commonly believed to be a strong motivator; however, “most engagement research shows that learning opportunities, professional development, and career progression are among the top drivers of employee satisfaction.” In his new model for employee engagement, Josh Bersin writes that “organizations must look at their management and leadership behaviors to make sure that learning, development, and mobility are rewarded.” Bersin goes on to say that organizations that invest earnestly in learning and development “outperformed their peers threefold in long-term profitability.”

CCWA serves over 1,000 employers each year. Through custom-designed training programs, we can support your efforts to engage employees through learning in the area of soft skills, technical skills, leadership development, project management, customer service, manufacturing, or process improvement. To talk about what programs will help you build engagement at your organization, please call:

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