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Individual Financial Assistance for Training Programs

Earn a certification with assistance for non-credit workforce training:

Traditionally, student financial aid has only been available to those enrolled in academic credit such as career studies certificates or associate degree programs offered at the community colleges. There are several options for funding of non-credit workforce training programs.

Employers in Virginia’s current and emerging economy are unable to fill many jobs due to a lack of qualified candidates with required certifications and licenses. Many of the qualifications for these hard-to-fill jobs can be gained through short-term, non-academic workforce training programs. Some of these programs/licensures include: commercial driver, forklift driver certification, manufacturing technician certification, numerous healthcare industry certifications among others.

Along with several other non-credit programs across the Commonwealth under the umbrella of the Virginia Community College System, the Community College Workforce Alliance is coordinating programs to assist students with training in high-demand industries. Certification programs eligible for funding are aligned with recognized shortages in the region where the workforce program is located. To learn more about our financial aid programs, please contact us at 804-523-2292 or complete the form below so that we may connect with you about your interest in training for a new career.

The Community College Workforce Alliance, along with several other workforce programs across the state under the umbrella of the Virginia Community College System, is implementing the program to assist students with training. Candidates will be required to complete an application process.

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