Those looking for consistent, hands-on support can find it in CareerStart. This program combines coaching and guidance with training and confidence-building to provide you with the skills needed to choose the career you want.


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Free job training classes can change the lives of parents with dependent children, TANF recipients and working parents. If you are a parent with children at home, we can help you get started with online learning. For those just starting out or who have experienced career disruption, CareerStart is the solution.

For those who qualify, this is a free program that focuses on job training for top industries in Richmond and Petersburg. These are industries that have a real need for skilled workers right now, such as customer service, construction, supply chain logistics, warehousing and healthcare. CareerStart can help you sharpen your skills and gain experience and workforce training in a way that works for your schedule. Throughout the program, participants will earn the skills needed to pursue positions that offer higher pay and competitive benefits.

You could qualify for our free CareerStart certification training program if you are just starting out on your career journey and/or are unemployed and need to build your skills; a person with a job who seeks a more long-term, higher-paying career with growth potential; or a parent receiving TANF or SNAP benefits who is trying to get ahead while supporting your family.

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