Alliance for Building Better Medicine

Sep 26, 2022 | Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


CCWA is one of many partners in the Alliance for Building Better Medicine in the Richmond-Petersburg region — an alliance that secured $111 million over three months for U.S.-based manufacturing of essential medicine.

Funded by President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, the Build Back Better Regional Challenge provides each award winner funding to rebuild regional economies, promote inclusive and equitable recovery, and create thousands of good-paying jobs in industries of the future. “The Richmond-Petersburg region and its pharmaceutical companies are key to developing novel technologies that will ensure access to affordable, lifesaving medications while providing high-quality jobs, an incredible boost to Virginia's economy and the Commonwealth's people,” said Governor Youngkin.

“Thanks to this grant, Brightpoint Community College and CCWA will be able to offer future and current job seekers a range of options to prepare for a career in the industry — from a one-year career studies certificate to accelerated workforce credential training to a program designed to give young people from Petersburg and the surrounding region the coaching, support services and foundational skills they need to succeed,” said Elizabeth Creamer, Vice President, Workforce Development, Community College Workforce Alliance (CCWA), the workforce development division of Brightpoint and Reynolds Community Colleges.