Emi Takada: Trailblazing Student

Jun 12, 2024 | News


Emi Takada is a great example of a “Trailblazing Student” at Brightpoint Community College and CCWA. She is a motivated and exemplary student who has put forth the dedication and maximum effort to succeed and will be an excellent medical assistant in the healthcare industry.

Emi came to CCWA in fall of 2023 and met with her career coach to explore her options for industry certification in the Medical Field. Emi had recently become a single parent and was needing to become certified and earn a living to support her family. She had always been interested in working in the medical field and had compassion for the patient; she was determined to gain the certification she needed to forward in a career in the healthcare industry.

Emi immigrated to the United States from Japan in 2009. In Japan she had worked sales, education and a variety of fields. However, since coming to the United States her focus had been on raising her three children as a busy stay-at-home mom. Having dedicated her time to her family and home, she had been limited in her opportunities to improve her speaking fluency in English. However, her skills in reading, writing and understanding of the English language were excellent.

Initially, Emi was a bit apprehensive about going back to school. She knew she would have a lot to juggle with continuing to raise her three children, working to pay the bills and the time she would need to commit to her program of study. She also had the challenge of managing the financial obligations for her household while transitioning into the role of “student” as an adult. However, Emi has been a dedicated and committed student who is passionate about her goal of working in the healthcare industry. She demonstrates compassion and respects the dignity of each patient. She has successfully completed an externship with Virginia Physicians for Women where she practiced the hands-on skills needed to be successful in a busy medical practice.

Emi’s instructor and career coach are very proud of her; she has successfully completed her Clinical Medical Assistant Class and passed her licensure exam through the NHA as a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant. We could not be more pleased that Emi is ready to start on her Career Pathway in the medical field. She is a role model not only to her children and fellow students, but to all of us at CCWA.